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Getting Started

Thank you for supporting Turn Up!

Say goodbye to Windows settings and alt-tab. Let's show you how to get Turn Up up and running.
  1. Take Turn Up out of the packaging
  2. Peel off the protective film. Start peeling from top left corner and pull down under the knobs to bottom left corner, and then pull across to the right.
  3. Plug Turn Up into your computer using the provided USB-C cable
  4. Download the latest software using this link. For more detailed instructions on installation, go to turnup.tech/download
  5. Open the Turn Up configuration software and start by clicking on one of the knobs, buttons, or lights
    • Knobs
      • Use the selector in the left side of the bottom configuration panel to choose an effect for the selected knob
      • For effects that have specific configuration options, like the Program knob effect, configure them on the right side of the panel.
    • Buttons
      • Choose from Multimedia, Audio Device Control, or Shortcut button effects
    • Lights
      • Many light effects allow you to choose the colors for the effects. Click on the color tiles on the right to open the color picker
      • If you'd like to quickly sync all of your light settings, click the "Apply All" button to set the current configuration for all light arcs
      • Some light effects move in one direction. To reverse the direction, click the "Reverse Direction" toggle
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