Configurable RGB volume mixer
$79 $69 preorder price
  • Volume mixer
  • Ergonomic metal stand
  • Angled USB-C cable
  • Control labels
* Preorders expected to ship mid 2022


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Adjust program volumes

Say goodbye to alt+tab and the sound mixer. Instantly change the volume of any program with the turn of a knob.

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Switch audio devices

Go from gaming to streaming with the touch of a button. Seamlessly switch between your headphones, speakers, and other audio devices.

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Control music and videos

Stay in the zone. Play, pause, skip, and rewind your media without changing windows.

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Toggle microphone

No more guessing. Quickly mute and unmute your microphone in a single click and see the status reflected in the lights.

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Full RGB lighting

Choose your style. Configure individual light arcs with numerous unique rgb lighting effects to match your setup.

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Easy configuration

Professionally designed and user tested software that just works. Customize your Turn Up mixer with a streamlined UI.

Precision Aluminum Knobs

Turn Up uses high quality aluminum-alloy knobs and rotary potentiometers for pinpoint accuracy and control. Configure each knob to control what you use the most. Choose between multiple control settings

Media Shortcut Buttons

All your media needs at the touch of a button. The buttons provide a satisfying click and are slightly raised to ensure they're easy to find in the middle of a firefight.

Software Integrations

Control your favorite programs with rich integrations


  • Input gain
  • Output gain
  • Input mute
  • Output mute

OBS Studio

  • Audio source gain
  • Audio source mute
  • Switch scene
  • Start/stop streaming
  • Start/stop recording

Streamlabs OBS

  • Audio source gain
  • Audio source mute
  • Switch scene
  • Start/stop streaming
  • Start/stop recording

Customizable RGB Light Arcs

Choose a style that fits you. Fully programmable RGBs with a multitude of effects

Sleek, Ergonomic Design

Turn Up's streamlined 7" x 2.3" enclosure comfortably fits on your desk the way it is. Every component used to make Turn Up was carefully selected to provide the best user experience possible.


Built with the future and performance in mind. Turn Up connects to your PC with a detachable USB-C cable provided with the box, and is compatible with any data capable USB-C cable.

Intuitive Software

Professionally engineered software makes Turn Up a breeze to use right out of the box. With autodetection for Turn Up and for your programs, there's no need to configure anything in Windows.